Philosophy and Hentai

Slyr3do0n said:
“MAL is the dark underbelly of the anime community. While other naive fanboys and fangirls run around in real life forming clubs and squealing in deafening high pitch noises about their favourite animus, we remain here, meticulously dismantling the credibility of each and every show, until all that remains is a steaming pile of tropes and ass pulls which we then devour to gratify our glutinous and masochistic desires.”

Deep and I can’t argue with that. All I can say is “to each man his own”, opinions are diverse bad and good but,do give new perspectives to any given subject. Like, many cooks in a kitchen it can be a mess but,a beautiful mess . To that I say am spreading my wings and going full gear with this ero stuff,got myself a blog..yeah.. and am all about the philosophy of the naughty stuff.

I mean how many sites out there are all about the actual material and very few are about the essence of it. I guess I pick the latter and hope this hobby can be educational and bring new meaning to the word FAP(for academic purposes) XD. Weird I know because I roll like that.

So MAL I shall still cherish you…haha side chick things. I figured I needed a little creative liberty,if you get my flow

Check out my MAL not all about hentai.