My Brief Thoughts on Western Erotic Comics

​Same with hentai. If it interesting and the art and story is right,i can care less who made it.😎

I feel western porn comics have a tendency to have a rough style,πŸ˜‹

Western porn comics are hit or miss, it really depends on the author and/or the work itself.

Some of them are drawn in the same style as western comics books,πŸ˜€

some in a similar style to manga, and some in completely different styles so depending on the author’s style

and subject matter and on your taste it could be really good or really bad.😜

I would love to give some suggestions on really old school and contemporary works but,I occasionally dance with western art.

What i really feel the west has over the east is its about to evolute and express beyond the crowd.

With art of any kind,the ability to bring one’s own expression, makes the art all the more cathartic and exotic to its viewer.That i think matters most.


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