Long Chapter Ero Manga

​Are they good or bad?
We all know that hentai and other forms of porn have been retained  some consistent since its earliest years.

All about sex..no duh😸But hentai is probably one of the closest artistic sides of it,in that it has porn with a story, though it doesn’t last too long.

The longest a story can last for from what I’ve seen is one book or two, is around 30 chapters tops.😯

However, I have seen Korean manhwa start to make stories with a few sex scenes in a couple of chapters. They tend to last much longer.😀

Long ero related stories,the closest is with the ecchi genre, but obviously, there is very little to no sex, nudity, just suggestive scenes.😦

The longer the story draws the worse as may come to know be it hentai or Porn,it’s quality of the moment gets poor.

We had that proven over and over again that mangas above 100 chapters have hard time staying good,👎

We want the fun to go on but,the human mind just doesn’t play ball.Hell,if you watch a whole porno,you probably didn’t enjoy it all.😆

So the long series is good in that you get to see some character growth and a story build if executed properly but,

if made longer and further dragged all you have is this awesome story and a big old train wreck.😒

So hence most hentai manga is so one shot oriented, the general quick fix,which isn’t bad but the occasional long series isn’t a total worst.

I have come see the aesthetic of the brushful moments of the long works.Which is if done well,indeed exciting and debonair.😉

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  1. Do you have any recommendations? (nothing BL like)


    1. Fuckbuddy by funi fun lab

      Honey Dip by Kon kit

      Class trip to nudist class by Shimimaru

      Twin Milf

      Vanilla essence

      😎 you will love these

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll check them out, thanks


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