Ero Manga selection

​How do you select your Ero Manga?
😉When i look for doujin, i either search by the series or artist i like,given the wide variety, its my ordered approach.

😃 if it is from a list of random lastest doujin, i start from the top of the list down and pick out the ones i like, if i do a pursue the series,artist and group.

I enjoy going old school and I always keep updated with the new releases which if I do like, I end up adding that artist to my ever expanding Library.

😇How do you pick your reading list?

Doujinshi can be this generic blanket term for any drawn or
cg pron.and i love to read as much styles,tastes and fetishes as i can.

I have always wanted to make an essentials list.

In time😎

but then again,personally I have a more broad taste and we all have our tastes.

Since i can’t. just name a single  doujinshi that would be essential,you have to go on your ero manga route.😛

Here are some I would say can be a great starter,fakku fans suggested.

Life is peachy
Hard cocked
Ovulation Exhibition
Boys Empire
Power play
Momoiro Geshuku Utopian
Renai sample
Strange kind of woman
Honey days
Sex Infinity
No Condom Sex
Koisuru NakedGirl

But overall,I understand that when approaching the hobby or Ero Japanese media in general, it being large,

😛its always great to be systemic,diverse and open minded.

Happy Hunting👀

2 Comments Add yours

  1. V says:

    Can you name the mangas whose pictures you have posted in this (and other) articles where the name is not given?


    1. I can in future posts,not a bad idea.😉

      For the old posts not so much.


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