H-Manga from Anime series

​Ero Parodies,Do you Love or hate it?

Now, I dont mind reading doujinshis from anime series I dont know,

but I prefer reading doujinshi that I do know in them because, I know the characters and their personalities and what not…so no duh.😁

Works where you know the characters are better if the artist stays true to the original character design.

I personally like knowing the characters in my doujins,because i already know their personality.it makes the work lively.πŸ˜€

It helps if you have developed an attachment to the character(s).

Plus Popular anime such as DBZ,SAO,One piece,Kanta  collection and Bleach have too much doujin made and scanned currently.

Might as well see what some minds have to offer.

Also depending on what the circles want to draw and write,makes the experience fun.

If you dont know by now,it usually depends on popularity attractiveness,characters and the story, that these ero manga are made,

but the vast majority of media out does have porn of some kind.πŸ’ͺ

Ironically,there can be overload of ecchi content in the anime series itself.

and there’s only just one or two doujin of it, Where’s the logic in that?πŸ˜•

I have also come to learn that Ecchi series in general tend to not get a lot of doujinshi, despite already having a lot of perverted antics to them.😯

I still find it highly ironic that the more fanservice an anime has, the less doujins it has.πŸ˜‚

Doesn’t happen in all cases, but as far as I see it works for the majority of them.

In the end,i cant help but love the original works too.

There are alot of instances when I was actually drawn in by the story,action,humor,which originated mostly from original works.

and I think of these as having higher quality,creative,new art style and just as erotic.

Conclusion, It’s always nice to know the characters you are reading to,πŸ˜‰

and it’s a major turn on. However it’s also cool to read and ‘enjoy’ mangas that you have no clue where they came from.

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