Hentai,why not?

why isnt hentai widely accepted?

Ya its been obviously talked about beforeπŸ˜‹(sue me)I guess many animated pornography has been seen to be taboo. Most Normies like real porn instead or no porn at all.

A lot of people are just very uncomfortable with their sexuality too, and let’s face it..😐 in so many ways hentai really pushes the envelope of it’s sexual expression, with all the wild themes and fetishes present.😬😍It just doesn’t make for the greatest mix.

That being said, for those who are willing to open their minds, and appreciate hentai for allthat it offers — it makes for a great eros experience that in so many ways is superior to conventional porn.πŸ™‰

Well I like hentai really because of the story it offers. I mean watch a regular porn with a story and it is really stupid and cheesy.😡

In hentai, there is an emotional and physical aspect. Thats just my liking and that of many open minded otaku.😊πŸ’ͺ

Heck,don’t get me wrong, the real stuff is better for pure sexual contentπŸ‘€ but not as engaging in terms of character or story as does Hentai.


Also, more impossible things are made possible through manga: poses that would otherwise probably fail can exist;

situations putting people at risk or pain are made victim-less (rape or loli, I guess); and best of all, you can get some good dialog to go along with the sexy parts.

It’s a safe escape from reality’s constraints.😎

Simple fact that there’s a great deal more variety in hentai, because of its nature.πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š Hentai can do a lot more just because of the fact that it’s animated. πŸ˜‰

For instance: Rape, loli, monstergirl, etc.There’s also a lot that works only in hentai, for me, at least. Cute in hentai works for me, but “cute” in real porn doesn’t.
The shortest answer is still because hentai does things you just can’t get in reality.😻😹

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