As I View the Ero Works

“Gender,age,tastes,nationality makes no difference in the realm of nude art😊. As long as the content and art style suits whatever I like/need, it’s fine by me.”says the axiom Otaku

“Sure different ascepts can generate works with different feelings etc😉. but it’s more the personality and the style of the author,am learning to appreciate” says the Awesomist

A mangaka’s worldview doesn’t change how I view their work though I do think it’s cool whenever I find artwork with an interesting tune,colour or concept😏,and i feel the artist is given his due.

especially if I’ve read their work,anaylisis before knowing or if their work is something that I would want to view😍.

So the artist and his work deserve the acknowledgement which i do find lacking in vast artworks of today’s ero viewership.😐(Please cite the artists ero braaaaa..)

It’s all well and good to say “author doesn’t matter, only content” but it says something if the majority of ones preference lie with the artists of a particular worldview..just saying😏

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