Manga, Manhwa & Manhua

Here is a post from your Newbies ,whats the diffrerent manga, manhwa, and manhua?

According to Kawaly,

The difference between manga, manhwa and manhua would be like the difference between amour, amor and amore. French, Spanish and Italian are all romance languages, so since love would be amor in Latin, you can see how the word stayed relatively the same in all three languages, but evolved to something that would fit more natural in the respective language.

The same goes for comics in the south east. Both Japanese and Korean is heavily influenced by the Chinese language. Their word for comic all stems from the same漫畫.

In countries where traditional chinese is still used, like Taiwan and Hongkong, you can still see the usage of漫畫, this had become more simplified to漫画, which you can see in Japan and mainland China.

Korean differs from Japan, in the sense that they completely stopped using Chinese characters since King Sejong had created Hangeul for the poor and illiterate in the 1440s, so they started writing comics as 만화, but it was still based on the chinese漫畫.

So as with French, Spanish and Italian slightly evolving the pronunciation, the same happened with Japanese and Korean, pronouncing mànhuà as manga and manhwa respectively.

While the origin of manhua is notifically older than manga, when manga was introduced in China, they borrowed the term manga and changed it to manhua, even though the term manhua had existed before.
Based notable differences

*.From Japan
*.Almost always black and white
*.Read Right-to-left


*.From China
*.Single issue format
*.Black and White or full color
*.Weekly or Monthly releases


*.From South Korea
*.Usually horizontal,
* Read from left-to-right
*.Can be vertical, right-to-left,top-to-bottom

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