Artist Review : Gunsmithcat

Face book:Luis Quiles Artworks


Instragram : @quiles_artworks

When the harsh reality of modern globalisation mix with a Pleasurable,delightful and sexual art form yet still maintaining a Marvellous exhibition of satire is this artist style in it simplicity.

No doubt, Luis Quiles art style has kept its nuditt “soap box” approach but,this doesnt give if anyless charm as is.His work has character and its brighter with its absorbing influence.

his unique rendition of his characters eyes,gentials and overall face design with his use of sexuality to converse an undeniable message is all the more exciting yet maintaining its overall build.

His overall work strings with blissful individuality,it cascades innocency yet,in it breifness simplicity but wonderful so to say the least.

Its gentle yet speaks volume, decent yet has its sadist side,beautiful with its own vivid but yet vile debauchery.

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