The Search For Sex-Positive Hentai

The Search For Sex-Positive Hentai by David Ochart

According to Porn MD, “hentai” is the fourth most searched porn term in the world—in other words, approximately everybody alive has seen anime characters grinding.

That also means that I can say with a pretty decent amount of certainty thatyou,dear readers, have seen some. It’s alright, friends; you’re safe here…

For all of its mainstream appeal, though, hentai is anything but inclusive; in fact, it’s pretty damn sexist.

I mean, obviously pornography leans toward misogyny as a rule, but Western porn has seena growing trend of feminism and sex-positivity in recent years.

In doing research for this article, I was hard-pressed to find anything that was even vaguely respectful in Japanese porn—but more on that later.

Look, you’re smart people, I know that the simple act of watching hentai won’t turn you into yet another cog in the misogyny engine.

Like I said before, whatever turns you on is totally okay, and there are perfectly level-headed feminists out there who like toget it going to animated porn—especially since no real women are harmed in the processof creating hentai.

Me personally? I’d love to find hentai where the women don’t hate everything about what’s happening to them; where normal, healthy, and consensualadult intimacy can progress without shame and regret. For now, I guess I’ll stick to SmutPeddler.

In respond to the article:

David seems to think that rape fantasies are really horrible and alienate women despite the fact that he harps on yaoi, which he identifies as targeting women specifically, for also largely focusing on rape.

And then at the end he sort of back pedals and pretty much says,😎 “hey guys, I know that I said that things that depict non-consensual sex are flat out wrong, but some women might enjoy this weird weeb porn after all, so whatever!”

So in end, he just kind of rambled and reinforced negative stereotypes about hentai.😦

Am writing up a responding article for submission since it was obvious they had no idea how to navigate hentai, 😟and it’s also quite out dated.

The site itself has issues with the hypocritical stances they take since it’s based on whatever definition of feminism their writers decide to follow.😰

David was not entirely wrong but, that he just sort of scratched the surface was heavy on his own moralizing.👀and moralizing fantasy can be rhetoric given the media.

Most blog sites that do this can be click bait oriented.😡 Hentai has something for everything, even feminists looking for sex positive stuff.

😏The world of hentai is one with far fewer inhibitions than the world of mainstream live-action pornography and this allows for an interesting breadth of topics and styles but also for some truly bizarre and depraved shit that i agree.

😴In the end, to draw lines and mix fantasy with the real life makes the moral black and white talk very subjective like anything else really.

So Here are some positive stuff,you of little faith😉

Original article:

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