Artist Review : methonium

Another names:synecdoche
Family name:メトニウムTumblur:synecdoche

It’s got this feel that makes you want to surrender your senses to erotic explorations.😍

An ero genius,top to bottom and one of my personal top 5 Hentai mangaka. His work has awesome visuals,great atmosphere and character interaction which embraces of the BBW kind of women😊 in hentai,that is just perfect.

His art beings the clique into a unique premise,😄his style features a blissful all around piece with its rough pencil drawings and its blissful shades.

Its breath taking tune,which is blinded by its unique art style but,😁its only true fault is it’s strict lack of evolving & diversity holds it back,but hey if its not broke,don’t fix it.

+Work on

*.Circle home page (shared with Mutsuki Tatsutoshi):


*.Nsfw Tumblr:

*.Suimy account:

*.Pixiv account:

*.Nsfw Pixiv account:

*.Nijie account:

*.Tinami account:

*.Pixa account:

*.Drawr account:

*.Twitter account:

*.Twipple photo images:

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