Hentai Manga Review : Anekata

Art and story by Nao Kononoki

+Story 😊7/10

Anekata follows the Sibling couple😜 of Miyuki and his Nee san Makoto. what makes it stand out from ever story like it is the chemistry of the siblings and Makoto overall limbo feelings to embrace her younger brother’s feelings who is as open about the “love” he has for her.

Miyuki an obvious sister-con makes the dio,just as human as their embrace of their sexual desire for each other.

😂Makoto’s outright denial and then gradual swift to taboo is a must read.

+Art 😄6/10

The art is gentle, nothing special but in it’s above average,blissful in form.😕.

its suprisely erotica when you get deep,the ero scenes and talk are in harmony,its got a Charm and captive thrill.

+Characters 😋8/10

Given its length it’s cast is small,3 character and its obvious 😄 focus on the taboo love and love making, a quick threesome and Makoto Nee San’s attempt to change Miyuki’s mind but,alas😆 and its slight wit makes them all the more memorable.

+Enjoyment 😧6/10

It was going somewhere,building well and just it’s incompletenss😲.

then again, i think am asking too much for a slightly average hentai..

+Overall 😋6/10

Incest can indeed be Wincest. An uncommon experience and an overall natural charater development with a loveable euphoriac atmosphere is a sure find in this manga.

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