Artist Review:Paul ballard

Main site :

Twitter: @pjballard

“I love being able to capture what I see – it gives me a great feeling of achievement… now add a beautiful woman to this ability, and you have a fantastic combination”-John Paul Ballard

His ability to translate sexy reality to art erotica is mystic and smooth, and committing as is.☺

Engineer by day and ero artist by Night, the expression behind his growing collection of work is a mix of divine setting and an aray of praise for the female models figure.😄

All these factors make his work as Thought provoking and complex yet returning its on personal expression 😕yet no particularly new.

His praise of the female figure with all its features and art style performance that is top level pin up drawings.😀

His paintings and canvas are smooth and have edge but as for the Sculpture and digital work,they lack some charisma or flare.😯

Beyond this,his art brings the room to life as it is an overall eye catcher and breathes euphoria.😜

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