Artist Review: x-teal2


Other Names: ceroxide , xteal, x-teal ,crimeglass

Xteal has an east meets west vibe and with an unlining feel that has a grace into it and a unique loveable charm.😜

πŸ™ŠHis work has endless energy and has these big emotional punches which in its on way shows how the artist wants to bring an uncommon experience but yet stand with the Norm.

😒Its not rich with colour or has a heavily distinctive pattern but the work brings to life some popular likeable characters which is awe inspiring.

One major flaw despite the charm is his penis drawings are simple,and in my view need work.😐

What makes his work both story and art exciting as well is due to the fact that his work is “muilti fetish dimenisonal”,😈,futa,furry but not extreme.its cartoon sexy and is fun a watch.

In the end,its an evolved art style which is superb and it has a way of pulling on the strings of any viewer’s heart with its awesome visuals, good ero content and its overall delight.πŸ‘€

+Work on

*.Hentai-Foundry (active):

*.Tumblr (active):


*.DeviantArt #2:




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