Doujinshi blog really?

According to a small 2011 poll done at a fakku chat group with a question:

Can a blog that reviews/is about doujinshi make sense?

The following are fan thoughts on hentai doujin blogging

😄Yes, I would be interested. It would help me decide what to read and stimulate my brain in this intellectual endeavor I have adopted.(10 votes, 58% of total)

😃Yes, it is not a bad idea, infact, many such blogs already exist, such as ___, plus it is just good old fun and to read.(2 votes, 11% of total)

😬No, it is an idiotic idea and you are wasting your time. People online look for”downloads” of doujinshi, not”discussions”.(2 votes, 11% of total)

😐No, it would not interest me because doujinshi, although abig part of my life, is not worthy of discussion.(1 votes, 5% of total)

Art and story is why most otaku hentai manga lovers read the stuff.In essence,its a make it or break it overall what kind you do read and so reviews dust the libraries.😆

Now,of course when i started this blog, i was aware of alot about facts about hentai from what to i want to blog,the affects of the media,affects of porn on my brain,differences between porn and nude art.😌

and it felt a little blink to blog in the light of “Rule 34″😕..why not just read and sit my ass down like most people.

But in retrospect, My passion still does run deep to write and explore the caves of Hentai😊.

I kinda feel that is in itself lacking in the online community a “bookworm vibe” a kinda criteria for how much one enjoys a particular work😞 or the value of artist over another and the all round general reality of Hentai manga.

A weirdly philosophical way of enjoying the work as fine art porn than just general fantasy smite😬 is the axiom.which is lame

😑hentai,nude art and porn is made cheap as is.but despite that simplistic value held by the Normie.

Whether there is storytelling or aesthetics it does matter.😀

Of course having both is nice and makes the genre all the more enjoyable and as such reviewable,

This just makes the media feel more exciting, fap value or not.😌
I just want to explore,review and drown in the stuff- one way or the other.(my blog is a library for like minded Noobs😤)

My blog is here to give some perceptive☺😊..Hope you have an awesome read.

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