Artist Review:Jun

Names: ロジウラジャック
Other names: 路地裏
Circle(s): Rojiura Jack

If anal is your game,jun is the name. Beside the great detail, heavy dark drawing feel which breeds perceptive to his work, its a more than average enjoyable hentai manga read and his art style is worth some great admiration.

Notable to his work is his unique female character facial design,which is moe and chubby as is good and easily appreciated.

All his works clearly have a Wonderful premise with Addictive characters despite the mediums obvious shortness.

His attention to shading and detail makes the already fascinating “plot”,bring the premise into great motion.

One work entitled “Pure Love mellow”(a decent anime hentai adaptation was made) isn’t itself a master piece of ero stories which gets better and better but, is a must read with its obvious fap value but,also with its short memorable gems.

Obviously,there is room for more ero improvement as yes some hentai manga by him can sound like your average smite cliques hentai being done with a particular art style but,despite this his work is one to be endorsed and to be read for its flavour with its great feel.

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