Artist Review:Orutoro

Family name:おるとろ
Alternate name:Orushibu
Twitter: @oltlo
Pixiv: #66760

Orutoro works shines with ero light hearted genius, as it embodies a graceful light shade tracing with a milf-tastic theme and a sexy, lovable spontaneity.

With its poetic pros and the artist being an obvious  Milf and ass man..the every moving and joyous but, sightly generic style stands tall .Its not wild or crazy but intimate but obviously really eye catching.

It lacks no necessary depth but its just as breath taking.

Orutoro’s work “This Is The Mating Frontier!”in Comic Anthurium of 2015 according to Oliver of hentairules

“The drawings are SPLENDID, not the kind of thing you expect to find in porn, but instead in high quality, non-adult publications, with only one chapter per month. There are dozens of little artful details, the quality and diversity of the hair, of the faces, the background patterns, the backgrounds, the volumes, the shading… and of course, the women:twisted:Usually, when you think of elves, you imagine tall slender creatures”

This series has great ero potential,a crazy story with shouta fun and elf milf fun. xd

His notable one shots such as Sensei Shiyo! And Wagamama Steady,Both Art and story done by the artist are really smooth read.His brush and shade style are epic and just intimate.

His other works on a novel named ” Daremo ga Kanojo wo Neratteru.” Primarily on art
,which isn’t bad and unique either but,i feel he had no creative freedom.which if he did, would have been a great work.

His work all in all has a Natural development,erotic concept and is in a tightly neat coherent package that is,so worth the read and admiration.

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