Artist Review:houtengeki

Artist name: 方天戟
Others names: KyoRouKan

Houtengeki’s work is at best an expression of mild ecchi art with a burst of seductive colour and texture.

The often use of the “elf girl” is a fan favourite for ero enthusiasts of the artist’s overall work.

and the blend of anime moe girl face with voluptuous realtime or 3d bodies is notable and rings with character and general uniqueness ,so to say the least.

The art style captures the viewer and the banquet of models the willful eye in both attraction and lovable sexy yet, playful animation.

Despite its range of erocity and its eyeful diversity in poses and  characters lacks a basic growth and evolution.

Houtengeki as far as this reviewer knows is good but still basic because of said fact,

The style is lovable, remarkable on the onset but because houtengeki doesn’t experiment and in the effort to be unique and stand out could be a classic downfall.

The oneshot manga title “heaven online” entertaining and really enjoyable.If that and many other variations with basic experimentions to the style are done, it would be more than timely.

This i feel would and can be embraced more and it can really build major thoughts of admiration and make it a more  wonderful style,not just a flashy style and inturn a more broad epic design of which it already has potential.

But,in the end,the design with a relatable atmosphere makes it hard not to enjoy and love. This art work despite ,its not so obvious simplicity is complying.

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