Hentai Manga Review : TitiKei


Art & Story: Ishikei
Tag:Incest,big oppai Loli, Anal, tit job,Cosplay,Artbook, colored.

Story 7/10

At best, Ishikei’s work is crisp,This manga follows the playful antics of the convoluted love couple of Chie and her Onii chan in their “Various things” activities.

Preety much, a collection of chapters of the two leads, then later some one shots and a mix of heavenly art of all the female characters in the manga, all are just so sweet.

With the artist at hand, you can bet and will know that this is a good story though despite, its general lack of vivid direction or use its obvious use of old tropes in the incest genre,it still makes an awesome story.

Art 10/10
No doubt it is beautiful, lovely crafting precision,which makes it all but a vallentine,

Chie is brought out so lewdly, its gorgeous, eroful and dynamic ,an eye full and Hentai eye candy.

His got a way with color,shading and texture ,which makes him one of my favorite Mangaka, His one of the few that voyages a new school of unique hentai art conception.which is exciting and enjoyably counter average hentai manga cultural.

Cast 6/10

All basically Characters play out with a melody of erotic simplicity.

A health balance of story and plot..win..win

Chie is cute,bodious, with alittle tsundere to boot, an all around cock tease and lively. Her Oni chan is a teaser, alittle generic but, fulfilled his role decently,that is play the love interest, have the sexual play but, don’t outshine her, which was done.

Enjoyment 7/10
I love the light hearted ero take on incest in the manga and moreover the artist’s style and personality to the work all in all.


Overall 8/10
I would love to motorboat Chie Chan..wouldn’t you?

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