Hentai Manga Review : Otaku in 10000 Bc


Kigenzen 1-mannen no Otaku
Art & story: Nagashima, Chousuke
Tag: Big oppai,lactuation, group, hardcore.
Story 8/10
Ota being an the Otaku in 10000 BC involves his mystery journey in the early bc time line and his adventure late takes him to the tribes of the time with him using his knowledge of modern sex techniques.

A manga that has a funny, interesting plot line and overall story that actually makes use of the ero tropes in a useful way that isn’t mere gratuitous service which is uncommon in the genre.As the ones that do feel,for lack of a better term “Ero and stupidly obvious”

Art 5/10

The art is average at best but, enough for the hentai to be what it is and for that I love it, Ota was average looking  and the ladies were unique,beyond bodious that’s a plus and my guess, this is a way the Mangaka relates to his audience.

Cast 7/10

Character development was enough and tasteful ,though not to every character but, each type of tribe encounter was interesting and built so well with each part of the manga from start to finish.

Enjoyment 8/10
I loved the old school use of cave man plot line which was in its way a comedy, sci-fi ,adventure hentai Japanese take to the 60’s Hollywood related caveman movies, evident in the chapter cover.


Overall 9/10
The ero scenes are exciting and explosive, Weird but not to weird to enjoy as a whole. No doubt it’s ero with a heartwarming story.

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