Ecchi Manga Review : Itokoi Chidori


Art & Story: Hotate, James
Tag: Ecchi,Romance,Seinen
Story 7/10
Following the life of our Amnesia filled,  protagnist Akio Kosato as he is known for his skill in creating love potions.

As his life changes when a mysterious girl named Chidori (aka cute rapist with a kawaii sword girl) appears and gives him far more attention than he ever wanted(not,weird at all).

It turns out that Chidori is Akio’s cousin and they may be much more to Akio’s family than he realizes( as the good old harem route begins).

Pretty decent storyline but,its real fault was not using alot of the good subplot which it could have used and bridged such a crafted strong,plot filled Harem

its common for ecchi,harem manga or anime to have more weight on one-plot or story i.e plot sucks, story good or story good, plot sucks.


This one wasn’t so bad..the story kept up and was fairly interestly, constant and it complimented  the plot and gave a decent borderline hentai likable manga experience.

The use of medicine related antics and a beauty cousin filled cast makes this manga every “medi student cousin con’s wet dream”(which is probably a thing,am i right?).

Art 8/10
The art is unique to its author’s style. personally i love his style, you know…. The use of  unrealistic, excess “love juices” and what not..

I also think the emphasis on what I call “the plot shine” or “oppai shine” was a nice and notable feature on the female cast. The art was good and embraced ecchi elements that anyone ecchiologist can appreciate.

One think to note about this manga is that,it was one of the first series to have a volume deemed “harmful” under Tokyo’s Bill 156.

That should give you more of a reason to read it.


Cast 7/10
All lovable and its understandable that not much development was its a “short quick fix ecchi” manga.only focusing on Chidori and Akio most of the time..and their “Cousin love”

but development was well enough to bring all the cast(his cousin harem) to follow the Mc and gently end the manga.

So don’t expect too much,i would have loved to learn more about the kosatos but alas.

Enjoyment 8/10
Its a good real, crazy borderline hentai scenes and a lovable Chidori to make your coccyx(tail bone) keep moving.

Overall 7 Nosebleeds
I am tempted to set it higher but, a good manga like this could have gone alittle further to get a bigger fan feel

And alittle adjustments to the story would have made it stand out from your generic ecchi but, as it is. its fine..its redeeming quality was that it is an excellent borderline hentai manga.

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