Ecchi Manga Review : Hen Koi


Hen koi
Art and story: Azuma Tesshin
Tag: Comedy,Ecchi,Romance,School,Seinen school girl, Vanilla
Story 8/10

4 words.”horny at first sight”.*cough*.Of course, the manga not me xd, Baka.

All the adorkable moments, witnessing the comedy,ecchi filled story is just delightful.

This 9 chapter manga is of a strange yet passionately horny young couple of Honoka and Watase, the cude chemistry between the two is definitely on point as much as the centre of this manga and its various ecchi related plot.

The short story is ecchi at best, “plot and proud” and you just can’t help but, weirdly fall in love with the two as they go about their pervy teenage love romance.

It is an ecchi gem,it challenges the little pervert in us all and yes, it is nose bleed inspiring.Love and ecchi are one.

Art 6/10

Nothing fancy about the art ,its more story than art driven but, the art isn’t as bad and by that I mean enough “plot” to excuse its faults,

hence a swift imbalance but, so goes mostly with basic echi related manga . The art is humble and it has a moe but teen romance feel to it.


Characters 8/10

Development of the 2 main characters and the other douchebag side character (as the cast has just 3 characters fyi ) was well done, basic, no complaints.go figure, its a short manga and I wish it went on  alittle longer.

I mean, in a short manga like this its a make it or break it if they isn’t balance in ecchi & story ,but in this one,everything had a way of just coming to an epitome of ecchi,love and humour.

Enjoyment 9/10

Nothing is too perfect but, this short manga will have a good place in your ecchi heart and if you are looking for a quick ecchi buzz ,this crazy teen horny love story is just for you


Overall 9 Nosebleeds

Honoka, I will find you and I will waifu you..

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