Hentai Manga Review : Cohabitation Alliance


Dousei Doumei
Art & Story: Yuuki, Tsumugi
Tag: big oppai,romance,titjob,tsundere,apron,bsdm

Story 6/10

Also know as cohabitation Alliance. The Yuki couple, step brother and sister,Yuki being both their names.

After they first encounter, which ended in a tsundere girl beat down and the second encounter which was each of their parents introducing them and then  saying that they are now step siblings, as such zooming off to their honeymoon.Leaving the Yukis along.

So they aren’t blood siblings..
hmmm. So let the ero antics begin.  xd

Art 3/10

The art is one dimensional, terrible like a school class doodled hentai.but despite that it didn’t stop me from enjoying the story and ero moments.

Cast 4/10

All Characters are likeable, not much development even with individual Yuki but, each part of the manga work came together to appreciate and work its focus on the Yukis adorable romance that builds the manga at best.

Enjoyment 6/10

Without, a basic sense of direction beyond the two protagonists, the comedy tropes and female Yuki’s sexy but not so sexy aura..I love it for what it is..Vanilla,funny, funny romantic and adorkable.


Overall 7/10

The Yukis make the manga desirable, even beyond the lackluster ero elements, which makes up for lack of a good amount of hentai all together.

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