You Now Have to Pay to Fap at Fakku

Fakku made the bold decision to ditch all unlicensed content. This would be the beginning of a grueling purge that lasted from last summer until earlier this year with the removal of all unlicensed material. In a collaboration with Comic X-Eros and Comic Kairakuten, Fakku will now be simul-publishingthe ero-mangazines content each month in English and uncensored for $12.95 a month. This a pretty big step towards creating a world outside of Japan where Hentai creators can actually monetize their work. However, like most things in the world, it doesn’t come without a price.

Simply speaking, in order for Fakku to legalize the content on their site, the unlicensed material has to go.
Well a lot of their community definitely were. Threatening to leave the site among other things. But honestly is it so different from another servicethat was in a similar position a little less than a decade ago?
The truth is that piracy is never a sustainable model.

Creators need fans to buy their content to allow them to make more of what people love. Meanwhile, Japan is cracking down harder than ever on illegal distribution of their content (e.g. Manga, Anime) . Many would argue that no one would pay for Porn when there is such an abundance on the internet, but even big players in the adult space like Pornhub are getting into the subscription business aiming to be the “Netflix of Porn”. So far, the ruling isn’t out on if this will or will not work.

“But wait. They still keep a lot of their content free and ad supported, right? ”

They sure do, but the creator of Fakku said that they are working on getting free content back on the site, but it could take a while to figure out the right business model. The truth is building a business is hard and the only chance Fakku would have at a future would be to take the big risk and transition itself from a passion project to a legitimate business.

This could also Introduce new ways for content creators to engage and interact directly with the fans consuming their work.

I know. It can be hard to swallow and their are no doubt many other alternative websites were you can get free Hentai. But like Crunchyroll and many other sites that have made the jump over from piracy it’ll be a battle of providing a much better quality service than anything else on the internet.

“Piracy is almost always a service problem and not a pricing problem”- Gabe Newell, Founder of Valve