Must See Adult Webtoons 5

A Yaoi Webcomic by Emirain

Slimy Thief
In the beginning Aisha was just a D&D RPG inspired character, with an excuse for Breast Expansion (BE) fetish pr0n – her body mixed with a creature slime and now whenever she touches water she grows in the right places… hu-hm alright. After a while the creator noticed the character and it’s excuse had a great potential for stories of adventure, comedy… and keep some naughty bits of it, why not?

Tales of Gnosis College
Mad Science meets Erotica in this sexy and fun adult webcomic tribute to classic sci-fi cinema.


The Magnificent Milkmaid
It tells about an ordinary girl named Beth Dorman, who was given a dose of Super Serum (with an accidental dash of milk) by Mad Scientist Dr. Papilandrou, who is trying to test a formula for creating a “perfect sex slave”. Instead, whenever she drinks milk afterwards, she uncontrollably grows into a giantess with large amounts of the Most Common Superpower – and a few more besides. Now, she has to fight evil, and sexual frustration, as The Magnificent Milkmaid.

the Thin H Line
Spiritual successor to Sexy Losers

The Blonde Marvel
This really is a webcomic about a fat superheroine with impossibly large breasts.
Okay that’s a bit harsh, but that’s how a lot of people see it.

The Meek
A graphic novel about Angora, an inexperienced young girl who has been sent on a quest to save the world. War looms on the horizon, and at its helm is the Emperor of the North and his hellish adviser. The two countries are overwhelmed with as much terror, crime, disease and revolution as they are with those who wish to create peace. Armed with only her instincts and an unexplainable power, she must experience and judge the world and decide once and for all if it is truly worth saving.


The Misadventures of Chichi-chan
Chichi-chan is a former children’s anime star from Japan who had puberty late and hard. When it hit, it only really hit in two places- the two most prominent places possible. Unsuitable for further children’s shows, almost as unsuitable for hentai anime, Chichi decides to conserve her remaining funds by emigrating to America. There she finds employ at White Lightning Productions… in the mail room, whence she occasionally emerges to perform in bad anime parodies, encounter the bewilderments of American life, or generally cope with being a tiny huge-breasted woman in an anime world.

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal
This is the story of two dudes who drive from Berkeley to Providence, smoke too much weed, sleep in seedy motels, get kicked out of a Goodwill, piss into the sunset, start a brawl in a Waffle House, and fall in love.

White Lightning Productions
White Lightning Productions exists to publish those comic works which they believe deserve publication. Considerations of profit are secondary to this goal, so long as the works being published are economically self-sustaining.


For undisclosed reasons Odin removed a Valkyrie from her duty, as an additional punishment for the lady finds herself to guard a young boy… wannabe-Valkyrie.

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