Must See Adult Webtoons 4

Funny, adult webcomics set in a fantasy world. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe, but you won’t stop reading.

Nic Buxom
Nic Buxom is a Professional Dominatrix who makes light of the inner workings of the dungeon and BDSM scene. A true, autobiographical story that’s cute, sexy and funny. No names or likenesses used.

Peter is the Wolf
Peter is the Wolf is a webcomic hosted by White Lightning Productions. Debuting in 2005, it has gradually become WLP’s most popular web comic.


Pink Parts
Pink Parts is a strip club that contains lots of crazy people. This comic details (some of) the havoc they create on a daily basis.

Peppermint Saga
Peppermint Saga takes place on the distant planet D’Gaeriya, a Earth-type planet with two moons and three indigenous species: the elf-like D’Gaeriyans, who are the closest analogs to human beings, albeit with pointed ears and bronze colored skin; The Dragonish (named by human visitors), who are bipedal humanoids who, like their namesake resemble dragons; and finally, the Felinians, who as you may have guessed are bipedal felines. Currently, the planet of D’Gaeriya is ruled by the Dragonish leader “Lord Slag” who, like all Dragonish can mysteriously morph into a large beast that closely resembles the very Earth dragon fables the humans named them after.

It is important to note that this is a Sci-Fantasy, where the awesome power of science clashes frequently with the mystical power of magic. As a result, there are many physics defying feats conducted on a regular basis, as well as Demi-Gods, dimensional travel, and visitation from other interstellar nations. It’s a very “kitchen sink” epic.
Oh yeah… it’s also porn, with most of the story arcs revolving around sex and various fetishes that amuse the artist/creator.

Pictures of You
Inspired by real people and real events, Pictures of You is the epic memoir of Peter Morris and the best friends he ever lost. Comic and tragic, Pictures of You is a long road filled with sex, drugs and rock n roll.


Red Dog Venue
It only takes one mishap to change one’s life forever: The larger the mishap, the bigger the change, and nothing can ever be undone. To deal with, to suppress desires, to resist temptation – it is all within the power of the heart and mind. Red Dog Venue takes one through a different zombie lore, tells the tale of an idealistic ex-bomber whose passion lies in revenge and his captive, the reticent and narcissistic Major who has his own share of secrets.

Sexy Losers
Finally, if you’re looking for some good ol’fashioned dirty humour and you are comfortable enough with your sexuality as to not be offended by drawn pictures, COME ON IN!

Purpurea Noxa
Lucca is a city under the control of Florence, where a well-feed society of vampires live.
Instead Pisa is the opposite city where Vampires don’t care about the rules of Florence and Lucca. Here there are a bigger gang and a few smaller others distribute on the territories that lay down the law.

In our story, the cities that we all know can be roughly larger, darker and somewhat different.
Lucca and Pisa are obviously at war. The second one that previously lived in the suburbs of Lucca have been driven out until be forced to settle in nearby city of Pisa; here they are reorganizing their ranks intend to “disturb” Lucca. The land here is not very friendly, it seems there is some group of Garou in the suburbs and share with them the area isn’t an easy task.

In Lucca, in the meantime, they have some trouble; a series of strange events and of suspicious deaths of several figures close to the court worries the Magister and his subordinates.


Outside of this situation, other figures populate the territories of Lucca and Pisa. In this place a small gang of independent vampires was formed and no qualms about invading the space of one or another groups with all the consequences that these “innocent” raids can lead.
The War is more “alive” than ever in these nights of darkness where no one is safe, whatever their social status.

SS Myra
A funny Sci-fi (NSFW) romp!

What do you do when you live in a super hero world and your best power is to converse with doodles?
Well, if you’re Promethius, you make a job out of it and hope you don’t get caught in the cross fire between supers and villains!


SpaceBoiz is a gay adult oriented web comic. In the world of 2084 being gay is again illegal. When space cadet Jaime is arrested red handed his friends come up with a plan to steal a space ship and rescue Jaime. Their plan launches them to an adventure through space and, quite possibly, time.

Cain is a hotshot fighter pilot who fits the label by being as cocky and arrogant as possible. Abel is his new navigator; a young and timid pretty boy who joined the military despite his wealthy family’s wishes. Let the Yaoi in Space begin!

A pornographic space opera parody of epic and ample proportions

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