Ero and Music

Whether you feel music enhances the experience or just distracts you is up to you. As for me, I have found it a pretty useful and exciting tool when am in “the Zone” as a read my ero stuff. And by zone I don’t mean “waxing the carrot” xd

One may argue and say why not watch the manga or actually watch a video, but I say its a different ball game. The idea behind adding alittle music has a vibe that adds not just alittle flavour but bliss.


Whether music adds alittle color to a scene or has a calming effect as you read is’nt a bad thought.

Am kin to listen to OST from anime, general instrumentals and Classical music. Yes, Classical music, its bring a seductive and yet melancholy feel to the content XD weird but, I do like listening to a lot of pieces as I view various T& classy like that.

So any views of Ero stuff and