Must See Adult Webtoons 2


-Dick Dogdick
Dick Dogdick : Dog Detective he’s rough around the edges and his techniques are unethical, but he gets the job done. This gritty crime strip doesn’t always tie into “Madame Zelda’s” but it takes place in the same universe.


This comic explores the unusual and somewhat erotic relationship between Kinar and Serid, two druids from opposite sides of a war. This comic is based on the Warcraft setting and is intended for mature audiences.


ENCHANTAE is a strange world of small islands floating in a great ever-blue sky. On one side, it borders the Void, where there are no islands and nobody lives. On the opposite side, there are many unknown islands and the Big Rock, the trolls’ country. Nobody knows what is above or under Enchantae. It is a lost kingdom, where people are kind and happy. They do not have big concerns, because they know that their king watches over them and that the goddess Anoa protects them if they follow her sexual rites.

It is in this fantastic world where our story begins: when a very strange troll gives Nerita, Anoa’s priestess, a mysterious locket. When Nerita investigates the meaning and origin of the locket she discovers that it is an ancient symbol of the end of the world. Interested, she decides to make farther research and she begins an adventure that will take her and her assistant Peka to the borders of ENCHANTAE



7-Filthy Figments
Filthy Figments is an adult comic site featuring the work of a group of talented female artists. The site collects original short stories, ongoing series, and pinup works from each artist.
The site itself was born from the desire to draw more adult comics (and sometimes just stories with more adult themes) as well as the realization that there are a lot of ladies out there with the same desires.



A story about relationships, sex, and compromise. It’s a romantic fantasy adventure with a lot of action, and a small dose of horror.


-Forsaken Stars
Forsaken Stars takes place a thousand years after the Second Coming of Christ, and chronicles the journey of the space vampire Azzi, Captain Sera Besh, and their motley crew from the edge of the galaxy to Earth, to seek an audience with God before He takes His Chosen to heaven. Along with running from old enemies, they have to figure out how to get through the Godshield that has kept the solar system sequestered from the rest of the sentient beings in the galaxy.