Into the mind of an Ero artist

Mitarashi Kousei says

“I believe this is how it works for hentai mangaka’s:
Step 1: Imagine an erotic scenario and see if it’s good enough to make you horny and cum to it

Step 2: After (s)he is done, (s)he proceeds to the actual drawing, if (s)he is able to be horny while (s)he is still drawing it, then it’s a good attempt, if not back to step 1.

Step 3: See if you can cum to the finished work, if not, back to step 1 or 2.

Step 4: Send a copy of the completed work to a friend who loves hentai or maybe a hentai critic(if thats a thing xD)and get a second opinion on if it’s good enough or has to be scrapped.

Step 5: Publish it and hope it’s good enough for the fanbase”

Whether or not,this holds some truth or not. Hentai is a beautiful thing. The ideas of art and literature. Thoughts brought to life is a wonderful thing. Celebrating human sexuality. Yes,human sexuality because that’s the centre of this profound media.

“Nude photography is a general term that represents glamorous and sexy images of the female, and puts all the focus on the beautiful model. Glamour photography highlights the model’s natural features creating soft, alluring, glamorous and sexy images. Nude photography can be done in both color and black and white. Very often dramatic lighting is used to create artistic nude photography.”068

In this case,a Mangaka’s manga ,anime and sexual imagination are let free and its an understatement to say its just some sexual preference to cartoon erotic nudity or actual real porn. Sex is the general idea, Sex is all about thought and mangaka in their “diverse” expressions express it so through fantasy. Fantasy isn’t a bad thing, it makes life more delightful and bearable(we are and can all be weak at time,so deal with it).

Think of hentai as a beautiful expression as a glass artist in a desert of sexual possibility. haha but, still everyone is a critic i guess.

Art must be tasteful and well done, you must have meaning and purpose. Art is the human way of transforming our environment to find truth. So as such one may say hentai is just disgusting and diverse while people like me say it has its mountains and valleys but, its a unique expression of drawings that whether it turns you on or not is an exciting take on art.

Art involves reflection and spirituality, it can be a self-introspection. With,the term such as art in the mix with its ambiguity in view of hentai or adult comix,art is pretty what speaks to you however it may.

A lot of layers must surface and be dealt with as you consider hentai, ranging from subjective opinion of the viewer to intention of the artist, to the matter of skill and craft. All in all,This media does deserve a platform to be discussed,above and beyond. whether you feel its art or not.