Ero Aesthetics


Normally,the idea behind erotic art to the common man or average joe doesn’t seem inviting .The idea that nudity can be seen as beautiful feels awkward and dirty to most people but as we are moving forward and culturally growing more and more people,consciously and subconsciously are seeing and being more comfortable with human sexuality .

In view of hentai ,I agree with how kieran defines ero art. Matthew Kieran’s nutshell definition of erotic art,he says art which “essentially aims at eliciting sexual thoughts, feelings and associations found to be arousing” (2001: 32).

There are no two ways about it and this isn’t a bad thing either and he says that exactly. A good way of not beating around the bush,i say in reality accepting hentai and any other media of ero art in its basic sense is a natural and pleasurable media.

Now ofcourse, its not just a media to get one high but, it goes beyond that and yes I don’t agree with everything around said media as pornography is often considered harmful, objectifying and exploitative but, as an art form and any art form for that celebrates beauty and sexuality which are in essence essential to our species.

Darwinian evolution sums up life in this way survival and reproduction .Everything we do daily is survival at work. Reproduction and acts,elements involved are an undeniable fact. We all love the idea of sex,sex itself and so why not enjoy everything surrounding it. Expressions and ideas of sex its just who we are.

Art is defined as the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects and works. Even if the art is erotic in nature, it’s still art to me. I can still appreciate the work that went into creating it.

Writer’s block says”With most hentai out there, especially H-Manga and H-Anime, there is no doubt that it is being drawn (and read) for the sole purpose of promoting, as well as temporarily satisfying the lust of the flesh.” True, but not everyone or every artist does it for “J.O” purposes. I dance with different art forms erotic or not there are expressions.

I may sound like a pervy fan boy trying to say its not just about lust,I can’t justify looking at it solely as a piece of art form completely. That’s true,am saying it can be an art form,I do like it as such. Dont be so ready to dismiss it because of its finicky sexual contained that make you uncomfortable. If its not for you than it happens.