Artist Short Fan Reviews

Many artists, different tastes…here are what the online Fakku community has to say about some of their Hentai artists. One advantage is that this media most probably has your taste covered, so the fun is the chase,see and read what works for you.

Gunma, how the girls are drawn and how he draws breasts.Probably the best hentai artist out there. Gunma’s drawings are great, and the forms are very sensual. Most artists who have good drawings don’t seem to pay attention to how a character should be positioned. Gunma has it down perfectly. The stories are also very hot.

Yamatogawa, overall simple storylines and all around great artwork, most of his works are barely censored to begin with, so they usually get completely decensored in time.

Cuvie, mostly for the incest stuff Also, his works are generally uncensored. Not the best art and neither are they the biggest turn-ons, but his stories are definitely the best.

Ishikei, the god of full color doujins. No one comes close to his epicness. Weather he draws lolis or big breasted sisters/MILFS, his stuff is just faptastic.

Nekomataya, that artist has made easily the sexiest and hottest Sakura (from Naruto) ever. Easily. And those are some of my personal favorites from him. I also like how he draws breasts, they always look real succulent.

Mitarashi Club, they’ve drawn the hottest MILF ever IMO, Akiko Minase. They draw superb drawings and the Kanon parody’s with Akiko-san are good doujins.

Gorgeous Takarada,work good sex scenes and dialogue.

Tanaka Ekisu, since most of his works involve incest. This artist draws some reasonable size breasts, by that I mean I’ve never seen him draw beyond C cups, so maybe for those that are interested that could like him too.

Kensoh Ogawa, big breasts specialist . Not too big for my tastes, and I just love his artstyle. Plus, the honeyblonde series was pretty damn awesome, not the best thing I read, but there was plenty of variety in the sex scenes and the locations of those sex scenes.

Hellabuna, for making great parody’s of various video game babes (DOA’s Ayane and Kasumi) as well as animes (to-love-ru for example). The artist usually draws some clean, hairless pussies, good for a change and for those who prefer that. Breasts are usually drawn in D-cup size too, nice titfucks and usually draws the inside of the pussy when they come, and I love it when artist do that. :3

Studio Wallaby, I don’t usually like all their releases, but the parody’s they made of to-love-ru were freaking awesome.

Arima Zin-The detailing of the characters is really good.

Okama’s Hanafuda:- like the traditional style of art and I love kitsune girls.

Watsukiya-The coloring style is very bright and well done and all of the characters are really cute, there are also some cute scenes too.

Tony Taka, Naruko Hanaharu,, Ishikei, Inazuma, and Nekomataya all draw really sexy stuff…

Long Horn Train’s stuff.. loli making exceptions for his stuff (along with Ishikei’s as well.)

Studio Huan/Raidonis nice too. A lot of his doujins are available in both b/w and color, and are usually pretty big, and I like the art. Might be a bit too much for some though (gangbangs, slaves, bukakke.)

Jouji Mujouis kinda under-appreciated, love his work, but it doesn’t seem like he’s doing a lot lately… the FFV/VI CG sets he did were awesome, along with the recent Haruhi and Queen’s Blade doujins

Fukudahda (aka Kensoh Ogawa). Epic love for Honey Blonde. In addition his oneshots are awesome too. I love the way he does voluptuous full figured women without them seeming excessively fleshy.

Jingrock is also very good, and highly similar to Fukudahda.

Rei Shinozaki – Extremely cute / hot futanari action with a good amount of comedy on the side. “Camp Heaven” is some very twisted win.

Hoshino Fuuta – brings an incredible level of cute to loli manga. The only hentai I bother “read” without translations.

Inuboshi – More excessively cute loli, but tending to be more hardcore than Hoshino Fuuta..and Sasakura Ayato

Kamirenjaku Sanpei – Comedic Genderbending Futanari that’s bordering on yaoi. I’ve made this comment before but this mangaka seems to be the only one I’ve seen that’s shooting for the bisexual demographic, as the male protagonists tend to have sex with both women and men.

Tony Taka ‘s colored art is the best out of any artists out there in my opinion, though his character positioning isn’t as hot as Gunma’s. Problem for Taka is his stories are definitely lacking.

Juan Gotoh: Decent story, along with great art makes a deadly combination.

Charlie Nishinaka: Very lucky star-esque artwork, which automaticly makes all of his characters look like a loli, is another amazing artist.

Noise (Does loli and oppai loli that is absolutely wood inducing)

Ootsuka Reika (Does great loli and stories involving them, and the art style is very recognizable)

Hisasi (Draws cute and hot girls amazingly well. Plus the vanilla stories are diabetes inducing)

Hyocorou (I really love his exaggerated art style)

Bosshi (Everything he does seems to add up to a good fap)

Ishikei (Does both huge tits and dfc amazingly well)

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