A Waifu Attraction

Lately, I have been reading about the idea of art,beauty and attraction and in a way as an otaku. The idea of anime and manga are among the many thoughts that come to mind when the idea of attraction to women,nature and expressionism, not just the anime ladies,but the real ladies too..

True beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder but, what goes on in the mind of the beholder,when one sees a demilo in grace..Here’s a display of my poetic imagination as an otaku. Obviously I bring a little philosophy to hentai,sue me,I do love fantasy here and there but nothing beats the real thing obviously.

Ofcourse, when you look at the idea of a waifu or any attractive anime girl(s). It is a provoking thought. What’s a waifu you ask?basically your dream girl in anime form..nozoki_ana_by_sajikun-d4ywlbr

Each ecchiologist otaku must have a waifu. There’s this thing otaku guys do in the scene of a lewd anime girl, and you might not even notice but we pause, and we look.(No shit I know) indeed,Anime girls just have a way on conquering your heart and they know how to put on one hell of a show,sexy or not,cute,funny or shy in essence we love to watch.(Creepy and poetic its what I do).

The thing is, visual cues are a major part of the sexual response for men. Your waifu’s body has a hypnotic power over you,what’s really running through our minds you ask?To me its a little bliss,beauty and ecstacy.

Here’s how a cartoonists would interpret the otaku’s attraction. Our eyes bug out, our ears turn into steam vents, an explosive nose bleed and our feet flap together so fast that we temporarily levitate.

It’s actually not that far fetched. When a kawaii or sexy big boobed or whatever your tastes maybe with an anime girl is in front of an otaku, our heart rates spike, our blood flows south, and we slowly lose the ability to follow a train of thought. so we try to keep ourselves together. While we want to howl like cartoon wolves and let our tongues roll out of our mouths, we won’t. We’ll keep it together,we embrace the feels.


Men must make sure to avoid being caught looking at a woman’s breasts,figure or ass in public, with anime we can’t help but, not look either.

Your waifu’s eyes,lips,skin,smile,tits. We can’t help but look,its so maddening. Efforts to hold eye contact can be a pleasure but impossible to do forever with this 2d goddess,more over once the clothing drops off,civilised behaviour is no longer a priority,an otaku’s hit with that seductive spell of beauty and imagination .

She’s not real but we’ve still and steadily give our eyes permission to roam every inch of her body, and crazy enough you say you are okay with that.(vividly creepy)

As an otaku, one has to admit this beauty is freeze in time and grace ,I can’t touch or feel her,as an otaku you want to whisper your desires in waifu’s ear, move your hands all over her, and take control, “Damn, I’m an unlucky fool”The feeling of gratitude comes very easy in the presence of nudity,oh but why can’t i pleasure my dearest waifu.

“What on earth could she be self conscious about?”Her cheeks rosy red. Men obviously have their insecurities(hence this could be one reason why we may have a waifu), but we still have a hard time comprehending her inhibitions when we so damn mesmerised her 2d body.

We relish those moments when you’re completely self-confident,open,shy or have a little tsudere in you. If you’re covering your chest, moving awkwardly, or trying to hide under a blanket, we’re going to do whatever we can to look in adoration.

And that’s perfectly okay(am a weirdo by your way but I am who I am), but it’s even more fun to see your waifu happily being beautiful and enticing.

*Blissful silence*in fully clothed otaku life, we may sometimes seem preoccupied with our daily lives or we’re too stressed to concentrate on what really matters in life with the harsh ups and downs getting to us. But nothing relieves stress like seeing a lewd anime girl(lol)0006nozoki_ana_by_sajikun-d3b6r1k

and by the times, waifu’s cute clothed or naked, that’s the only thing we can thinking about. Your sweet waifu has your undivided attention. We look in total sexual adoration at such hentai wonder indeed.

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