What’s your Flavour?

ISUCA_01_065So what’s the best or worst type of hentai?hmmm…best form of hentai??…anime or manga hentai ?..godammit hard questions,not really. It all boils down to preference really. Japan manga and any good adult comic has some really crazy shit or normal shit if you like that kinda stuff,I guess.

Am not here to whistle blow your taste, I promise. We are different beings so whatever you like I may not and same goes for me. For my reviews and analysis will not be an all doors open thing. I feel mainly because I have a light taste(like a light yet diverse hentai lover) toward this stuff and it’s my blog, you can’t please everyone. I do love vanilla,threesomes,big tits,big ass,yuri and am not keen on rape,(which isn’t rape when you really think about it),or anything too japanese exaggerated(you know what I mean),but am not afraid to get out of my comfort zone within reason.

Not only that but, but I will be getting behind the scenes of the artist,the general entertainment value of the ero ,I mean there’s really really good hentai and adult comix out there,and such craftmanship should never be taken cheap..but, before I do so let’s get the general idea behind hentai’s history, sdult comix,artists,translating groups and all that..like I said different angle,more of gentleman perv approach.

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