A perv at Heart

vol_17_004-005ok,every man needs a hobby and mine just so happens to be writing and enjoying art ..erotic art and in particular japanese in nature. yes am a freak. let’s address the elephant in the room. and yes, am a weirdo (like about 90% of the net)but, I stand pantsu strong (but not in a cool school hipster way,more like me,being me).

I mean writing about ero stuff and not just reading like every otaku,that takes some serious stuff. Yes, am a real thought provoking passionate perv. Here is a blogger, that wants to not just praise gratuitous ero art in its fullness and the awe fulfilling T&A but,write about it. As a writer,I feel its my responsibility and passion to not just enjoy but analyse,appreciate this fine art (its either this or abstract art..no brainer right?)…

Any who,very few blogs I have researched and know have a true centre themed around ero manga (most its all about reading online,monkey off, then that’s it.

I wana go beyond the FAP,fellow like minded perv .Anime blogs sure but ero manga not much,a few good ones,don’t get me wrong. So here as much as we love the “plot”,i will use both “heads” get into the manga in its fullness,the artist in his craftsmanship, view the author’s talent,the art in its over excessive body fluids and more than average parts. The industry and japanese culture behind the plot and PLOT..

Yes, the here’s,the now’s and the everywhere’s. I am a hentai sage and ecchiologist if you will. Ofcourse am not blind to the fact that there are many titles of art and manga related to said genre,but I do have my skills. So my blog my rules..so read,appreciate and enjoy,but I will try to be as neutral as possible,so an ero awesomist read to you.

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